What is “productive”?

As an entrepreneur, productivity is extra-important because (as Ramit Sethi points out) no one is paying you for time — people are paying you for results. So it’s important that you do work that helps you get results.

A while back, in “How will this help you win”, I wrote about considering the rationale for everything you do. If an activity won’t help you “win”, why are you doing it?

My definition of productivity

As I’m going through the day, I mark down what I’m doing when, and highlight the tasks that are productive. And as I’m doing that, my definition is this: if it helps me accomplish one of my goals — if it helps me win — it’s productive. If it doesn’t, it’s not.

Exercising is productive — it helps me accomplish my goal of being healthy.
Meditating and journaling are productive — they help me accomplish my goals of being emotionally stronger and keeping my temper.
Writing blog posts or ebooks for sale or speeches are all productive — they help me create products, which helps me accomplish my goal of developing passive income.

Reorganizing my filing cabinet is not productive — my current filing system is fine, and reorganizing it does not help me accomplish any of my goals.
When I was an employee, going to work was not productive — it did not help me accomplish any of my goals. (Quitting that job therefore dropped the biggest block of non-productive time off my schedule of all time-saving techniques I’ve ever used.)

Were you productive today?

What did you do today?
Which tasks helped you win?

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