What is Monetize Yourself all about?

I started this website because I’m really pissed off. You can read my personal story about school and job preparation, but the long and the short of it is that our education and expectations are not only unhelpful, but are actually harmful. And instead of fixing that, we’re passing those problems on to our kids instead.

What I see

  • Schools teach you to sit down and shut up and follow orders; to fear failure; to stop after one try; to rely on others for personal development; and to do the minimum necessary.
  • All of our society expects you to earn income from a single, lifetime job, and hides the alternative options
  • A combination of factors is eliminating the world in which those skills and expectations can remain functional, but no one’s changing our education and expectations to match

What I want

I want people prepared for the world in which they’re going to have to live: how to select goals and work towards them; how to handle failure; how to identify your talents and turn them into competitive advantages.

I want everyone made aware of all of their options. I want them to understand all the disadvantages of jobs, and all of the alternatives for making money.

I want people to stop beating uniqueness and creativity out of themselves and others. I want people to stop choosing between making a living and keeping their souls.

Want to join?

I grant that this is fairly revolutionary. I wouldn’t be this angry if the current situation was closer to what I want. But I believe it is possible.

Get started with these posts. Wander around whatever interests you from there. Comment here, or discuss on Twitter or Facebook or your own blog. Help me change the world

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  • Shelly

    Hi, I like your site, but it is super hard to read. You might want to consider using some different colors- darker- for your header menu and various other places. White is terrible.

    • Anonymous

      It’s very true, and I appreciate the feedback. I hope to find time in the next month to get this fixed.

      Thanks for taking the time to let me know!