Success Isn’t Instantaneous

Taking a big step towards your dreams can be is really, really scary. You like the idea of success, but taking a step that might actually bring about success? No, that’s just terrifying. Trust me, I’ve been there. I was there when I started this blog. I was there when I got as many visits in 1 day as I used to get in a month (Thanks @daveseah!). I was there this last week, when I decided to launch an info product on how to design a marketing plan.

I have good news for your lizard brain — success doesn’t come like it does in a Disney movie. You may well have a Tipping Point. But what comes after weeks or months or years of hard work and dedication… is more hard work. Like last week, when I decided to launch my info product. I wavered back and forth and paced around the room and cried (yes, literally) before I went ahead and took action. I registered a domain name, set up the website, and….

realized that I have no idea how to use paid internet advertising. I have an adwords campaign. Setting one up is as easy as they claim. Setting up a good or effective campaign… that’s something else entirely. My results to date have been:

  • 670,454 impressions, resulting in 552 clicks, resulting in 3 orders… all from countries I can’t yet ship to. [campaign corrected to show ads only in countries I can ship to]

  • 17 impressions, 0 clicks [modified campaign according to google’s advice]
  • 5 impressions, 0 clicks [started over. Actually read help files]
  • 26 impressions, 0 clicks
  • 511 impressions, 0 clicks (2000% improvement!)

I’m sure I’ll get there eventually. And as long as my campaign sucks enough, it doesn’t cost me anything. And the really good news is that my lizard brain has determined that this is no threat, so it’s curled up and gone to sleep. By the time the incremental success catches up and turns into actual success, it will be too late.

So whatever you’ve been thinking about doing — it’s not as scary as you think. It probably won’t work anyway. So go ahead and try it.

  • Sue Thomas

    Um … what’s an impression? :-)

    • apingel

      I believe it’s the number of times that my ad has even shown up on Google search results and/or partner pages. But now that I think about it, I should probably go look that up.

      See, a lot to learn!