Resource: Self-Monetization Fundamentals

Figuring Out What’s Going On

This whole blog is talking about concepts that are strange to most people — not having a job, “monetizing” your skills, how the internet has changed the game — and it can be overwhelming and confusing. These resources talk about the big picture.


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The Four-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss. This book probably sums it up best: how the combination of technological and social changes have made it possible for people to make money while not working (and without exploiting the masses). How to get in on this action, from starting your own online business to convincing your boss to let you telecommute.

What Would Google Do? by Jeff Jarvis. Google is probably the most successful company in the “new rules” of business — certainly one of the most successful. Jeff discusses why that is, and the implications it has for every industry he can think of.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Not so helpful on the explanation or analysis, it is a great example of how you have to change your attitudes about money before anything on this site can help you.


Steve Pavlina’s Blog His new stuff is pretty strange (it’s like those TV shows that make no sense in season 6 unless you’ve seen all the seasons before it), but happily, his old stuff is still there for reading. Check out 10 Stupid Mistakes Made by the Newly Self-Employed, How To Make Money From Your Blog, and How To Earn Your First Love Dollar. From there, the related articles at the bottom will give you plenty of reading material.

Seth Godin’s Blog is a must-read for anyone in business today — which is all of us. Godin is a marketer, which means he had a good view of how the internet changed the relationship between business and consumer. And he was kind enough to share it with us, through the course of several books, and his blog. (All of his books (at least all the ones I’ve read so far) should be on this list as well, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you. And the blog delivers a tremendous amount of value for free. You can always pick up the books later.) His posts don’t take very long to read, but you can spend an enormous amount of time thinking about them and how they apply to you.

David Seah’s Blog is a nice perspective on freelancing/self-employment from someone who remembers that entrepreneurship isn’t all sunshine and roses — it’s often a struggle with your self-discipline and self-doubts, and sometimes means you have the worst boss in the world. His Printable CEO series is designed to help you do the job your boss used to do as well as the job you still have to do.

Next Week: Resources for getting started

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