Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I don’t get it…what is this site all about?
Check out my first few posts for an explanation of the overall concept and some basic terminology.
What is Monetizing Yourself? the purpose of this site.
No Job? No Way!

What is an affiliate link? What is an affiliate?
I am an affiliate for Better World Books (see below for more information on them). It’s similar to being a salesperson, but it’s not a full-time job. Whenever I refer a customer to them, they give me a share of that sale. You pay the same price you always would; the only difference is where that money goes.

Doesn’t that mean a conflict of interest?
It could. But there are two reasons I don’t think it is:

    1) Better World Books has a lot of products. Some of them are lousy, but I’m not referring you to those ones. Some of them are fantastic. I get paid the same no matter which book I recommend, so I may as well recommend books that are actually good.
    2) I’m an affiliate with lots of different places. This means I can refer you to one company if they have the best web hosting, and an entirely different company if they have the best blogging software, and I get paid either way. So again, I may as well recommend the stuff that’s actually good.

    In the end, it all comes down to trust. So here’s my stance: I don’t think any affiliate program is worth losing the goodwill of my readers. Companies come and go, products come and go, but my readers will stick around if I treat them right and help them out. There’s plenty of really good stuff out there that I can recommend; I don’t need to recommend crap in hopes of making a quick buck. And I don’t want the stomach ache that would come when I know I’ve been dishonest.

    So I will only point you to stuff that I think is worth your time and money. Promise.

    I keep ending up at Better World Books. Who is that?
    Better World Books is similar to — they let you browse, shop, compare, and buy books online. But the proceeds from your purchases are used to fund literacy programs around the world, donating over 2 million books to their partner programs.

    Plus, shipping is free to any location in the US (although you have the option to pay enough to offset your carbon footprint.)