Define: Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur comes from French, where it means go-between (literally “in-between-taker). At the time it was coined, since most businesses were import/export businesses or retail shops, someone starting a new business literally took the goods between their origin and their destination.

Although the types of businesses have changed, we’ve retained the word “entrepreneur” to mean someone who starts up a business on their own, whether that’s a huge industry-changing business a la Steve Jobs, or a corner bakery like the one down the street. And an entrepreneur is still a go-between of some sort: they fill a gap in the marketplace, whether that’s a lack of intuitive music players or a lack of genuine French-style pastries. Other entrepreneurs filled in the gap between those who have used books to sell and those who wish to buy used books (Amazon Marketplace) or the gap between old college buddies (Facebook), or the gap between the high cost to make automobiles and the low cost most people could afford (Ford Motors… the original one, not the current, failing, one).

In No Job? No Way! I listed four potential monetization schemes:

  • Employee (makes money from a job)
  • Self-employed (owns their own job)
  • Business Owner (owns a business that makes money without them)
  • Investor (makes money from having money).

Although there are some advantages to employment, this blog is about making money without being an employee. And so on this blog, I will use “entrepreneur” to mean “making money from one of the non-employee monetization methods”, including owning a small business in which you work, a business in which you don’t need to work, or making money in stocks, real estate, loans or other forms of investing.

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