Is your business idea feasible?

You’ve looked at products on the market, and remembered when you had that exact idea.

You look at businesses around you and think “I could do this so much better.”

You have an idea right now that you’re pretty sure is of the same caliber.

You want so much to quit your job, control your own life, your own schedule.

You know that if you don’t move on this idea, someone else will.

You know that if you don’t move on this idea, you’ll hate yourself a little bit more.

But you’re also not moving on it. And deep down, you’re pretty sure you’re never going to move on it … or on anything else.

You feel lazy. You feel stupid. You feel worthless.

But above all, you feel scared. Because let’s be honest: what do you know about running a business? Bringing a product to market?

How much of your life savings are you going to risk on this? Businesses fail all the time. And you have no idea how to tell if you’ve got yourself a million-dollar idea or just another failed venture.


… you could determine the viability of your business upfront?

… you had a written list of the things you needed to do before you started?

… you knew how to tell whether it’s time to quit your day job?

… you had someone looking over your shoulder to make sure you were asking the right questions?

Business Feasibility Check is an 8-week class where an MBA-trained, small-business experienced business tutor walks you through all the steps of writing a business plan. Along the way you’ll learn

  • the only two reasons businesses fail
  • what you have to get right from the beginning (and what not to worry about)
  • how to set your prices to maximize your profit
  • why and how to calculate break-even (with spreadsheets to do the math for you)
  • how to make sure you don’t create the worst job in the world
  • what phrases like “marketing mix” “business model” and “monetization strategy” mean for you and your idea

You’ll walk away knowing whether you have a money-maker, how to adapt your business model to changing conditions, and how to evaluate the risk involved in starting your business.


This is not a business-plan-writing service. I believe it’s more valuable to give you the tools to write and understand your own business plan — that way you’ll be better able to implement your plan, and capable of adapting as the commercial environment shifts.

Students must commit to a twice-a-week meeting (by Skype, Google Hangouts, or phone), to discuss the status of your plan. Homework will be assigned weekly, and must be completed by the next meeting.


  1. You shoot me a quick email and let me know:
    • What kind of business you want to start
    • Whether you want to meet by Skype, Hangouts, or something else
    • A few times that would work for you to schedule our weekly meetings
  2. I contact you, and we work out a schedule that works for both of us
  3. I run your credit card for $997*
  4. We turn your daydream into concrete reality

*Not sure you can swing that much all in one go? Email me anyway and we’ll figure out a payment plan.