Affiliate Policy

What is an affiliate link? What is an affiliate?
I am an affiliate for Better World Books (see below for more information on them). It’s similar to being a salesperson, but it’s not a full-time job. Whenever I refer a customer to them, they give me a share of that sale. You pay the same price you always would; the only difference is where that money goes.

Doesn’t that mean a conflict of interest?
It could. But there are two reasons I don’t think it is:

    1) Better World Books has a lot of products. Some of them are lousy, but I’m not referring you to those ones. Some of them are fantastic. I get paid the same no matter which book I recommend, so I may as well recommend books that are actually good.
    2) I’m an affiliate with lots of different places. This means I can refer you to one company if they have the best web hosting, and an entirely different company if they have the best blogging software, and I get paid either way. So again, I may as well recommend the stuff that’s actually good.

In the end, it all comes down to trust. So here’s my stance: I don’t think any affiliate program is worth losing the goodwill of my readers. Companies come and go, products come and go, but my readers will stick around if I treat them right and help them out. There’s plenty of really good stuff out there that I can recommend; I don’t need to recommend crap in hopes of making a quick buck. And I don’t want the stomach ache that would come when I know I’ve been dishonest.

So I will only point you to stuff that I think is worth your time and money. Promise.

I keep ending up at Better World Books. Who is that?
Better World Books is similar to — they let you browse, shop, compare, and buy books online. But the proceeds from your purchases are used to fund literacy programs around the world, donating over 2 million books to their partner programs.

Plus, shipping is free to any location in the US (although you have the option to pay enough to offset your carbon footprint.)